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Earn money through textbooks

2018/06/11 04:50:57

If you are a teacher, you can easily earn money using the alphabetical program. To do this, please do the following:

1: Alphabetically complete the appropriate textbook

To earn money, you need to make a quality textbook in the alphabetical program. Always consider this:

The more you can get better textbooks and training, the more people will want to buy.

Add a PDF file to your account using the publisher panel or application.

Add textbook guide through the publishers panel

Build a new textbook guide in alphabetical order

Also, to improve the quality of the textbook, please read the following guide

Alphabetical Alphabetical textbook Guide guide

2: Add tutorial to your textbook

The next step is to add training and test in the program. Notice how you can make better-quality and rich content training. You can attract more users.

Making the first tutorial on the textbook guide

Create test guide

Use the test in the application Guide


Also, to improve the quality of your training, please read the contents below

Increase the quality of the tutorials on the textbook Guide

3: Specify the price of your textbook in the Publishers Panel

Now use the publisher panel to determine the price of your textbooks.

Determine the price of the textbook guide

4: Share your textbook

Now your leaflet is ready and ready. You can now send your textbook to your students or other friends so that more people can get familiar with your textbook.

Send textbooks and tutorials to the network guide

Share the textbook with your friends Guide

5: If you want to ask for an exhibition,

You can use the Publishers Panel to apply for your classroom textbooks to the general public.

Applying to the exhibition Guide

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